Bob Dolman om sitt seminarium

Bob Dolman om sitt Lucas-seminarium

Den 5 juli kommer Bob Dolman hålla ett manusseminarium som han har kallat "What I learned from working with George Lucas". Där kommer han att avslöja de tekniker som han använder när han skriver manus, tekniker som han bland annat lärt sig genom sitt arbete med George Lucas och Ron Howard. Detta är vad Bob Dolman själv har att säga om seminariet.

My seminar "What I learned from working with George Lucas" will include some juicy stories from my experience of writing the screenplay and being on set, but primarily I want to share what I learned about the writing process during that very interesting and exciting gig.

One great part of that process was the importance of humor and playfulness: between drafts I got to brainstorm with the producer and the director, and we often laughed like little kids and by doing so we cracked open the story and made it grow.

I'll also tell you about the night we told the whole movie, while it was still being written, to Joseph Campbell, who wrote The Hero With a Thousand Faces. That too was a powerful writing lesson, as you will see.

/Bob Dolman

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