The Hero’s Journey

The Hero's Journey

Nu är vi alla peppade på att Bob Dolman kommer till Sverige igen! Och han är också det! Pratade med honom igår och här är ytterligare en liten hälsning från honom!

Här kan du läsa mer om kvällskursen The Hero's Journey som han kommer att hålla när han är här:

- The Hero's Journey



For those of you interested in the lecture I'm offering on May 2 at Cinemantrix, here is what I intend to talk about:

In his book "The Hero with a Thousand Faces," Joseph Campbell brings together myths from around the world and describes a sequence of story-telling events, found in many cultures, which he calls the Hero's Journey. This is a helpful tool for story-tellers of all kinds--writers, directors, actors--and so we're going to explore the Journey, and I will speak from experience about how Campbell's ideas affected film projects that I've worked on as a writer and/or director. This includes "Willow," when George Lucas introduced Mr Campbell to me and Ron Howard; our screenplay and movie were greatly influenced by that meeting.

The Hero's Journey takes a protagonist on an adventure of transformation. And I believe that each of us is similarly transform when we create something artistic. This is more of an inside job: something changes inside us, and the Hero's Journey mirrors this.

This will be the heart of the talk I'm giving. How both the story and the story-teller travel together on the heroic adventure of transformation that happens in everything we create.

See you there, my friends.
Bob Dolman

Bob's kvällskurs The Hero's Journey!


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