Greetings from LA

Bob is back!

Om några veckor kommer Bob Dolman till Sverige! Det är många inklusive jag som ser fram emot det! Det blir många aktiviteter i studion med honom, bland annat en workshop för skådespelare, regissörer och manusförfattare, en kortare kvällskurs om vad Bob lärde sig när han arbetade med George Lucas och Joseph Campbell och i sommar en längre workshop med Bob på Vårdinge kursgård med mycket filminspelning.

Här är en hälsning som jag skickar vidare från Bob:

Greetings from LA!

The workshop I'm teaching on the weekend of May 12-14 will give actors, writers and directors the opportunity to play and work together in the creation of performance pieces that we will all get to watch and enjoy together. It's my intention to go beyond the creative workshops we've done in the past, and those of you who are returning will be stretched, for we'll be building on your previous experience.

Also: I plan to bring in the important element of Structure in writing, acting and directing. How is a scene best constructed? How is a movie or a TV episode constructed? This is a great tool for everyone involved, and it can really energize ANY creative collaboration.

There's more: we're going to explore ways to free up your creative juices. Everyone is capable of all kinds of accomplishment, but sometimes we don't believe it, and our doubts hold us back. Let's break through such limited thinking and go beyond the experience we have given ourselves so far. Each one of you can do it, and I'm going to help you.

See you soon!

/Bob Dolman

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