Bob Dolman om sin workshop

Bob Dolman 1

Bob Dolman om sin workshop

Jag träffade Bob Dolman på Bergmanveckan förra sommaren. Det jag förvånades av var att han var så jordnära och ödmjuk för att vara en etablerad Hollywood-författare och regissör. Sedan dess har vi försökt att arbeta för att han skulle komma till Sverige och hålla en workshop i hur man skriver film- och TV-manus. Och i mars blir det verklighet!

Det här är vad han själv skriver om kursen:


by Bob Dolman

WillowPosterWhen we write we dig up material from deep inside ourselves. Some of
this material is unconscious, and when we mine it we often find it both
wonderful and confusing. Many writers stop at this point and accept the
achievement of instinct. But there’s more to be done. By writing we have
brought unconscious material into the daylight, but this does not mean
that we are fully conscious of it yet. There are writing tools that can
illuminate and clarify this raw material. And the main tool that I am
offering in this workshop is the SCENE.

Because a scene requires a character to move through time and space, he or
she is revealed through action. And action in turn is also revealed: the
character makes choices that determine or influence what will happen
next. A scene is a creative cycle of character and plot, and for the writer it
provides a concrete way to bring a story to life.

In this workshop, we will be writing and examining scenes. Some scenes
will be written instinctively, for the purpose of discovery, and some scenes
will be written deliberately, for the purpose of improvement and
illumination. We will sharpen our ability to think and create in units of
time and space—the building blocks of story-telling and filmmaking.
Also, we’ll discuss the importance of the scene to directing a film. The
written scene becomes the working tool for actors, camera and all
departments of production. The director communicates the film’s vision so
that everyone involved can support it—scene by scene by scene.

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