Mirjana Krisanovic

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I am an impassioned actress currently living in Sweden. I am a positive girl who loves challenges, and who do not see any obstacles. Dancing, running, and acting is my passion. To me the core of acting is truthful. Acting is an interesting way of explore the human beeing and behavior, meaning learn about how it is to be in a other person's shoes. I'm good at memorizing lines. Also, I'm good at shifting rapidly between different emotions. I have good interpersonal skills and love working with people in a creative way. I am passionate about acting, because you learn something new every day and it gives me joy. I like acting because I like to discover new sides of me and convey emotions through my body and voice as an instrument. To me it is important to provide others with my energy through my commitment. I can work with many different kinds of people. In other words; as an actress, I am independent but also able to cooperate with others. Mostly I act in front of the camera in films but I have experience of theater on stage as well.

Norsk Blindeforbund commercial film, main character 2017

Lingonligan 2017, extra

Commercial for BRIS, Sweden.

Documentary about how I managed depression through dancing https://www.facebook.com/mirjanasadventures/videos/.

Informational film Nationella Funktionen Sällsynta Diagnoser, NFSD (Sweden) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYTpFoH1xOY.

Advertising Malmö University's 2017 campaign. Participated in musical/play 2012, Cybergymnasiet Malmö.

Julkalendern 2017, extra

Jordskott II, 2017, TV-serie, extra

Royal Conversatoire of Scotland, Acting for camera, Glasgow -2017

Cinemantrix, Workshops acting for film Bob Dolman- 2017

New York Film Academy, Acing for film 2017

Malmö Folkuniversitet, Acting intermediate - 2017

Malmö University, Educational Drama I - 2016

Film production & Scriptwriting with Bob Dolman - 2016

Workshop with Nancy Bishop, casting process - 2016

Cinemantrix, Film acting course, Stockholm- 2016

Calle flygare Theatre School, Theatre course, Stockholm-2016 

Malmö amatörteater, method of acting - 2015

Private and Group dance classes at New York Dance 2012-2015

Cybergymnasiet, media program - 2009-2012

Kulturskolan, theater & film - 2004-2011

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Hans Montelius
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