Jasmine Zerbaoui

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I was born and raised in Solna, Stockholm Sweden. Some people have guessed that I'm from Italy, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Latin America - and sometimes even Japan. My mother is Swedish and my father is from Morocco. I think it has been very fascinating to grow up with different cultures, and it has followed me through my life as curiosity for different cultures and people.

2016 - 2017 I studied at Actors Studio Stockholm where I got in after I auditioned as Shylock from "A merchant in Venice". It's an Acting school based in Old Town (Stockholm) with an international focus.

I love learning new things and I think knowledge is important. Me as a person: very focused and dedicated. So I'm always looking for new things to learn and I've studied some other languages. Some of my other passions in life are music, dancing and cooking.

Thank you for taking your time to read about me.

My website: www.jasminezerbaoui.com


Julkalendern 2017 - Warner Bros 2017

School project: Shameless (s.04 e. 07) - Fiona - Actors Studio Sthlm 2017

The café - Guest - Cinemantrix 2016

Mafioso - Lawyer - Cinemantrix 2016



De sju dödssynderna - Gluttony / Lust - Djurö Teater 2017

Post mortem - script - Actors Studio Sthlm 2017

A Streetcar Named Desire - Stella - Actors Studio Sthlm Showcase 2016

Romeo and Juliet - Juliet - Actors Studio Stockholm 2016

Momo eller Kampen om Tiden - Storyteller - Djurö Teater 2015

Bendor och Julietta - Julietta - Solna Kulturskola 2003

En Julsaga/A Christmas Carol - Sister - Solna Kulturskola 2002


SCA Commercial - The Producers 2017

Cinemantrix - Welcome to Hollywood (2017)

Actors Studio Stockholm - 1 year acting school  (2016-2017)

Cinemantrix - Acting for Film  (2016)

Cinemantrix - Workshop with Bob Dolman (2016)

Kulturskolan Solna (2001-2004)

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