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If you judge a book by the cover, you'll never be able to see the contents of it. It is the same with people! You're never going to see the real person if you dont listen to them with a opend minde and share your love to them.
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Hi there and welcome to my profile!

I am an 22 years old women who was bornd and raised in the northern parts of sweden.
I am often discribed as a deep human who is easy to talk with, a person that is helpful, cares about others and sees the good sides in people. I am humble and with the right company i am a crazy and mixed up person with a lot of humor. I am a combination between extrovert and introver but often when i meet people I'm usually a bit shy and reserved, but when you get to know me the more of my crazyness is been showed. Important things in my life is friends, family, cats, humor, psykology and deep discussions. My personaity according to a test is ESFP-A.

At the moment i am working at the hospital in Uppsala as a biomedical scientist Clinical Physiotherapist (witch is a helth care speciality in Sweden wich includes for example Echocardiography). The reason i am doing that is because i want to help people and make a difference for them and their situation. Thats one of the reasons that i want to be an actress aswell. Other reasons is that I want to show other peoples points of wiew, to send a messeage that means something to someone and because i love acting.

If you have any questions, want to do a project with me or just want to complain about my bad spelling, then feel free to contact me
at my mail: hanna.forsberg95@hotmail.se

Have a good day! 🙂

/Hanna Forsberg

Hjärtat på rätta stället Skådespelare Tina-kristina Janne Fantastic/Janne Widmark 2017
Förgätmigej Statist sjuksköterska myrsork filmproduktion /måns saari jonsson 2017
Nikita forever Statist kroppstrumpa+ person på fest Bautafilm 2017
Reklamfilm till värdlsomsegling under havet Skådespelare
Hanna Umespexarna 2017
Cafét Skådespelare Hanna Cinemantrix 2016
Förhöret Skådespelare goodcoop Cinemantrix 2016

Cinemantrix kurs i filmskådespeleri 2016 (cinemantrix course in film-acting).

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