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Ändra ditt omslagsfoto a bilingual actress with training from Mountview Theatre School in London. Apart from English and Swedish, she also speaks French. And sings 😉
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Just like most actors with a calling, I knew before I could walk that I wanted to act and sing for a living as an adult. My dad is a, now retired, jazz drummer, so I grew up in smoky jazz haunts. Jazz and Swedish folk music were my first loves combined into one. English language my second and I could speak the language fluently when I was nine. Many years have passed since then, and I have spent a lot of them traveling and flitting from one place to the next. I started school early and after high school I went to Paris with a friend to truly learn how to speak French. She stayed in Paris, I crossed the channel and went to do my drama training in London at Mountview Theatre School. A singing gig took me back to Sweden after graduating from Mountview, after which I chose to do an additional training in Stockholm - this time in musical theatre and dance at Kulturama. My first job after leaving Kulturama was as one of the leads in a new musical called "Judinna" that played at the now closed theatre "Glashuset" on Södermalm, Stockholm and on tour in the Gothenburg region. After "Judinna" I embarked on several cruise contracts as the Principal Vocalist in the on-board musical theatre team. In between contracts I moved back to London and had my base there. I interspersed my cruise contracts with tours around the UK with musical theatre shows and doing performances with my own jazz quartet at different jazz scenes around London.

In 2004 I had a family issue that took me away from the stage for a couple of years. In 2006 I was back in business but had at this point started to miss Stockholm so much that I decided to move back home. I had not been back for more than 3 months when a producer phoned me and offered me the Principal Vocalist part in a huge cirque show in Portugal. Nearly all of 2007 I was part of the wonderful cast of "FOUR-spirit of the elements" at the Casino in Estoril which took me back to my roots in terms of singing. After 9 months the contract ended and I headed once again back to Stockholm.

Since my "true" return to Stockholm in October 2007 I have mainly worked as a voice-over artist, doing commercials and short films. I have also done numerous private events as a singer, either as a solo artist or together with my vocal group 3´s Company. I also run my own podcast (the Erika Dittmer podcast) where I talk about all things related to singing, acting and the voice.

In terms of my acting, I see myself as an actress first and foremost. For me the story is key and it is my job as an actress to convey it as truthfully as the character demands, regardless of it being conveyed through music or text.


Short "Den nya pojkvännen", supporting role, Freudian Slip Productions

Short "Caterpie", Mona (lead role), ND Films / Independent

Short "Din Anders", Malin (lead role), Fruitcake Film / Independent, Jacob Jörgensen (director), Carolina Nordlund (DoP)

Short ”Ett oväntat avsked”, Drottning Alice (lead role), Mats Danielsson (director), Rob Unck (DoP)

Short ”Polly”, supporting role, Julija Green & Eric Ernestedt (directors/producers)

Short ”Parkbänken", Lead, Fruitcake Film / Mindpool, Peder Groth (director/producer), Ricky Gevert (DoP)

Short ”Dead Prospects”, Lead Role, Fruitcake Film, Maria Kruse (director/producer), Jonatan Kruse (DoP)

TV commercial ”Dina Försäkringar”, Lead Role, Hobbyfilm, Jens Jonsson (director), John Strandh (DoP)

TV commercial ”Kleenex” (USA, Canada & Mexico), Lead Role, B Reel Films

TV commercial ”SJ Klassfesten”, Lead Role, FLX, Felix Herngren (director)

TV commercial ”Globen Ögonklinik”, Lead Role, Edinim AB, Jonatan Kruse (director)

TV commercial ”Eniro 118 118”, Lead Role, Jesper Kouthooft (director)

Web "Temptations Catterbox", Supporting Role, Acne Film, Joakim Behrman (director), Adrian Wigerdal (DoP)

Web "Reach for change", Supporting Role, Folke Film, Maceo Frost (director), Jakob Preischi (DoP)

Web ”Din Talang”, Supporting Role, Slutet är Nära, Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson (director), André Lindholm (DoP)

Web "Duschklockan", Supporting Role, SABO, Snask, Oskar Lundgren (DoP/producer)

Finalist “West End Star”, TV 5

Featured guest “Go´Kväll”, SVT


"Häxan", Hans och Greta barnteater, Tomteland AB

"Gnistra", Julens stjärna musikalteater, Tomteland AB

Soloist, Strandvägen 7A, Conrad Boqvist (MD) 

Soloist, Ansgarskyrkan, Rickard Karlsson (MD)

Soloist, Kungliga Borgen 1818

Soloist, Bodals Kyrka, Patrik Svedberg (MD)

Soloist, Högberga Gård, Andy Fite (MD)

Soloist, Sigtuna Stadshotell, Andy Fite (MD)  

Soloist, Högberga Gård,  Patrik Svedberg (MD)

Soloist, Teaterskeppet, Patrik Svedberg (MD)

Soloist, Eric Ericssonhallen, Per Björling (MD)

3´s Company, SSAB Sales Conference, Patrik Svedberg (MD)

3´s Company, Operaterassen, Daniel Palm (MD)

3´s Company, SSAB Capital Markets Day, Clarion Sign, Patrik Svedberg (MD)

3´s Company, private event, Patrik Svedberg (MD)

Moderator, Stockholm Short Film Festival, Bio Rio

Entertainer for the troops, the Swedish Army (Swedish translation: Fältartist)

Principal Vocalist, cirque show “Four – spirit of the elements”, Michael McPherson (director)

Principal Vocalist, several cruise vessels, Openwide International (producer)


Presenter, podcast "ADHD på jobbet", Riksförbundet Attention

Moderator, VR/360-event, Filmhuset, Animech & Swedish Frames AB

Voice-over (English), Vattenfall, Red Pipe Studios

Voice-over (English), Looklet, Pre/Post Studios, Micke Wedberg (director/producer)

Voice-over (English), Swedish Viking Museum, Staffan Götestam (director/producer)

Voice-over (English), SKL, Swedish Frames, Jonatan Kruse (director/producer) 

Voice-over (English), SABO, Snask, Oskar Lundgren (DoP/producer)

Voice-over (English), Swedish Maritime, Swedish Frames, Jonatan Kruse (director/producer)

Voice-over (English), SCA, Pre/Post Studios, Micke Wedberg (director/producer)

Voice-over (English), ScandiDos, Swedish Frames, Jonatan Kruse (director/producer)

Voice-over (English), Swarovski, Pre/Post Studios, Micke Wedberg (director/producer)

Voice-over (English), Proline, Edinim AB, Jonatan Kruse (director/producer)

Voice-over (Swedish), Statoil, Underton, Ola Tappert (director/producer)

The Erika Dittmer podcast 



Main professional education:

3-year acting at Mountview Theatre School, London (1992-1995)

Additional education:

2-year musical theatre and dance at Kulturama, Stockholm (1996-1998)

Bob Dolman workshop x 2, film acting (2016)

Personal information

Engelska, Franska, Portugisiska, Svenska

Bob Dolman, script writer & director
Jonatan Kruse, director & producer

Videos, Pictures and CV

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