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Walking in the foot-steps of war and disasters, horror meets beauty, and the power of life breaks the walls in a childs laughter. Who are we? What are the strange seeds of persistence that concurs the darkness?
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Birgitta Liljedahl is a critically acclaimed published novelist, columnist, and screenwriter. She has produced over hundred reports, and two short films, based on her work as an analyst in conflict areas such as Kosovo, South Sudan, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Screenplays in development in Los Angeles includes her features 'COMBAT WEDDING' and 'BORGA BATTLE' and the short 'DARK HANDSHAKE' . Her first feature 'THE PULSE', was a science-fiction thriller. Birgitta Liljedahl is head of WIFT NORRA, and member of the Swedish WIFT board (Women in film and television).

Since 2016 she runs ASPÖWRITINGLAB, a platform for screenplay development with live performance of key scenes, in collaboration with professor and script coach Marilyn Horowitz, New York, and director and filmmaker Zanyar Adami, Adamifilm, who performs key scenes, together with talented actors such as Zardasht Rad, Annika Rydberg Whittembury, Victor von Schirach, Angelika Robers, Marina Nyqvist, Lena Löfvenborg and more. Also, we have the honor to collaborate with talented photographers such as Maja Dennhag (Lynx Studios) and Niklas von Ribbarp. Guest lecturers includes Gudrun Giddings, producer L.A, Soni Jorgensen, Fredrik Lindqvist, Ellen Telje, Cecilia Gärding and many more. The goal: stronger screenplays, enriched by diversity. ASPÖWRITINGLAB summer camp takes place in August on Aspö Island, Karlskrona archipelago. ASPÖWRITINGLAB winter tour includes labs at Umeå European FilmFestival (Nov 2016), Cinemantrix (April 2017 TBC) and New York (May 1-7th 2017). More info, and our partners:

In 2010 Birgitta Liljedahl was nominated to the United nations UN21 award for environmental achievements in peacekeeping, where she and her collaboratives received the second prize, by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
In 2004, she recieved the "Silver Medal" by The Royal Swedish Academy of War Science "...for great research achievements within the field of environment and risks in international operations".

'Birgitta Lundholm is something in a Swedish literary context as unusual, as a talented absurdist. A hard to capture cross between the poet Kristina Lugn and the columnist Runa Brar..." "She moves thru a suburb mined by surprises, with sovereign contempt for the normal borders of story telling"
(Tomas Löfström Sydsvenska dagbladet 27/3 1991)
"Absurd dreams. Debut in the outmost limits of fantasy... she writes with a playful and bitter irony... in the incisive visions of an informing society, where Big Brothers control assisted by security hysteria and a standardization that suffocates every expression of individuality, the laughter get stuck in the throat"
(Eva Ottosson Svenska Dagladet 27/3 1991) 

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