A great screenplay is the first, and in many ways most important, step in making a good film. You can make a bad film from a good screenplay, but you can not make a good film from a bad screenplay.

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Screenwriting teachers and script doctors at Cinemantrix include Hans Montelius, Bob Dolman, Soni Jörgensen and Johanna Ginstmark.

Hans Montelius

Hans Montelius runs Cinemantrix and have won a dozen awards around the world for his screenplays.

Hans also helps other production companies and screenwriters in Sweden and the US to develop and improve their screenplays.

Bob Dolman 

Bob Dolman has worked as a screenwriter and director in Hollywood since the 70s and has won two Emmys for his screenplay.
Dolman has worked extensively with Ron Howard and has written the screenplay for Willow and Far and Away with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (which Dolman also was co-produced). He has also worked with George Lucas.
Bob Dolman has also written for television, including WKRP in Cincinnati and SCTV (Second City Television). Dolman was awarded with two Emmys and an ACTRA for SCTV.

Johanna Ginstmark

For 10 years, Johanna Ginstmark has worked as a scriptwriter for, among other things SVT Drama, Kids SVT, the Swedish Film Industry, Anagram Film & TV, and Endemol. Johanna has worked as script doctor for TV series and feature films. Johanna also teaches screenwriting and TV-writing at the University of Umeå.

Soni Jörgensen

Soni Jörgensen is a screenwriter, script doctor and screenwriting teacher. Soni works both in Hollywood and in Sweden. In LA, she has worked for producer Brian Oliver, who produced Black Swan, the Ides of March and Rush. Last year was named Soni Rising Star in a story of Z Magazine of Scandinavians in Hollywood. Soni is a member of the European Film Academy, the European equivalent of the Oscar Academy.
Hans Montelius, Bob Dolman, Johanna Ginstmark and Soni Jörgensen all holds regular screenwriting workshops, courses and masterclasses at Cinemantrix.
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