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What kind of year has it been?

Av Hans Montelius | Dec 27, 2010

Cinemantrix was recently honored at the Swedish Film Institute for the awards we’ve received internationally this year. So, I thought this might be a good time to take a step back and see what kind of year it has been.

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Cinemantrix honored at Swedish Film Institute

Av Hans Montelius | Dec 15, 2010

Last year Swedish films received 150 awards outside of Sweden. This year, our films have receieved over 20 awards. And we’ve been invited to a reception at the Swedish Film Insitute for all the films that won awards this year.

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Production complete on Cinemantrix 10th film

Av Hans Montelius | Dec 10, 2010

We have just finished shooting another short film, a drama starring Johanna Tschig and Lukas Loughran. After our successes with our other films which have won over 20 awards during the past year, we’ve received finansial support for this film from Reaktor Småland and Film i Jämtland. This film is a little different than the others…

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Peter Jackson will shot The Hobbit on Red

Av Hans Montelius | Dec 6, 2010

It’s over two years ago now when we decided to buy a Red camera. Back then, it hadn’t been released yet. But we paid the deposit, got in line and kept our fingers crossed. And did it pay off! We got one of the first Red cameras in Sweden. And we’ve been using it for…

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An Award with Dolls

Av Hans Montelius | Nov 30, 2010

Sometimes we like to have a little fun! When the Naperville Independent Film Festival gave us three awards for An Affair with Dolls we wished we could have been there. So instead we made a little Thank-you film. This gave me the rare opportunity to be on the other side of the camera. The Thank-you film…

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Documentary/webfilm for The Steiner School in Denmark

Av Hans Montelius | Nov 14, 2010

We filmed it this summer all over Denmark. The film can be seen here:

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Hur vi gjorde reklamfilm för Svenska Kraftnät

Av Hans Montelius | Okt 2, 2010

Vi tycker om att arbeta i det lilla formatet, kortfilm, reklamfilm, webbfilm. Det är svårare att säga nåt i 30 sekunder än det är att säga det på två timmar. När vi skulle göra reklamfilm för Svenska Kraftnät så stod vi inför utmaningen att förklara vad Svenska Kraftnät gör. Svenska Kraftnät ser till att vi har…

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Making The Man with all the Marbles into a feature?

Av Hans Montelius | Sep 17, 2010

I’m contemplating making The Man with all the Marbles into a feature. The Man with all the Marbles is a short we made two years ago and it has had great success all over the world. It screened in Times Square, thanks to the New York City International Film Festival. And it screened at the Writer’s…

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How to make a connection with the audience

Av Hans Montelius | Aug 11, 2010

Why do some films work and others don’t? How come you can tell after the first ten minutes if a film is going to suck or not?

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How we made The Man with all the Marbles

Av Hans Montelius | Jul 27, 2010

The Man with all the Marbles has, as of this posting, screened at over 40 film festival, won many awards. It has screened in Times Square and at the Writer’s Guild Theater in Los Angeles before the Swedish Oscar submission. It was a joy to write and make this film. It’s about the relationship between two brothers,…

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