Lennox Sweeney

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My name is Lennox Sweeney, I aspire to be a producer and director in the film industry. I am 24 years old and I love film because I see it as a way of not only building my own legacy, but proving me the opportunity to help others build theirs through my work. My work allows me to tell stories that influence the way people think. This, to me, is the real power in film production and it’s what drives me to perform on every project I come across.

Personal website: http://lennoxsweeney.wixsite.com/lennoxfilms

I have done several short films and videography work, taking part as director, Cinematographer, Producer, and talent.

Personal website: http://lennoxsweeney.wixsite.com/lennoxfilms

I received a college degree in Film production from Mt. San Antonio College in California.

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