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Hi! I'm a Swedish actress, singer and jester who is currently starring in the Swedish webb TV series When You Are Lärare (Teacher). I'm also working as an actress at the theatre company Teater De Vill in Stockholm.
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I have been working as a professional actress in Sweden for the past four years. I’m happy to have been casted for both dramatic and comedy parts, and want to keep working with different types of roles. I'm constantly trying to be the student and learn from everyone I work with. On stage I frequently involve pair acrobatics, stage fighting and dancing, and have been taking classes to improve my skills in film fighting as well. Apart from my love for physical challenges, I'm also quite the script nerd. I can sit for hours studying a few lines, trying them out in all kinds of possible and impossible ways.

I started acting when I was three years old, but didn’t decide to become an actor until I was 20. Since, I have received a lot of training from acting schools, including The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, from where I have a Masters Degree in Acting and Stage Voice. I have also been nominated twice and won the Artisternas Hatt-award for my performances on camera.

To me, one of the biggest charms in acting is the variation. It gives me unlimited opportunity to explore, learn and grow. I love being in the moment, understanding the world from a new point of view. To me, acting is the art of exploring all kinds of relationships.

Apart from playing in film and theaters, I have started a Theater Company called Teater Kaleido and a Jester Group called Gycklargruppen Hyckel (The Hypocrites). As a jester, I sing, play the Ukulele, improvise and do pair acrobatics. With Teater Kaleido I have been a play writer as well as an actress. I have also worked as a choreographer, song writer, producer, script writer and directors assistant. I'm also part of the Production Company Trädfabriken, which produces Youtube sketches.

Short Resumé:


When You are Lärare (Teacher) Series. Mona, Co-Starring, 18 episodes. Dir: Max Landergård. Storstad Medieproduktion

Mensmonster (Period Monster) Short. Sofia, Lead.  Dir: Mikael Ersson. Trädfabriken (Nominated for Best Actress in Short Film 2017 at the Artisternas Hatt Award)

Spindeln (The Spider) Short. Lina, Lead.  Dir: Mikael Ersson. Trädfabriken (Nominated for Best Actress in Short Film 2016 at the Artisternas Hatt Award)           

På Bar Gärning (We Caught You).  Co-Starring. Meter Film/ TV7



Vilja (Wanting) Short. Ida, Co-Starring.   Dir: Yana Martsynkevych, Kulturama           



I Feel Quote Whatever. Dancer, Actress.  Dir: Andreas M Grant. Swingfly        

Sibirien. Actress, Dancer. Dir: Sanni Breisch.  Vera Vinter     



Kavli – “Vår smakrika”. Lead.  Dir: Magnus Gärdner. B-Reel Production                



Identitet/ Elev (Identity/ Student). Lead. Dir: Johan Bössman. Teater De Vill                           

Ankarbarnet (The Anchor Child). Supporting. Dir: Judit Benedek . Teater De Vill                           

Den bästa föreställningen (The Best Show). Gycklargruppen Hyckel. (The Jester Hypocrites)                   

Punkmusikalen (The Punk Musical). Lead.  Dir: Sanni Breisch. Teater Matilda

Psykomania (Psychomania).  Supporting. Dir: Catta Neuding . Benway Production.

Romeo & Romeo. Supporting.  Dir: Catta Neuding. AtRickard Production.



Jesus Christ Superstar.   Ensemble. Dir: Ronny Danielsson. Göta Lejon Production

The Full Monty. Supporting, Soloist. Dir: Judith Hollander. Kolhusteatern.



Good: Improv, pair acrobatics, horse back riding, singing, dancing

Some experience: Stage fighting, ukulele

Language: Swedish (Native), English (American, Fluent Advanced), Hebrew & French (Conversational)

Nominee: Best Actress in Short Film/ Artisternas Hatt Award 2017 for performance in Mensmonster

Nominee: Best Actress in Short Film/ Artisternas Hatt Award 2016 for performance in Spindeln

Won: Best Showreel / Artisternas Hatt Award 2016

Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts - Masters degree in Acting and Stage Voice.

Shari Shaw (LA) - Workshop in Close up Camera Comedy Acting

Keysi Film Fighting - Workshop with Keysi in fighting technique for film.

Mälardalen University - Musical Acting for Soloist and Ensemble

Skara Skolscen - Vocational Training for Actors

Uppsala University, Faculty of Music - Classes: Improvised Jazz & Opera

Kulturama - Vocational Training for Musical Actors

Danscenter - Various classes in jazz, street dance and ballet.

Personal information

English, Swedish

Max Landergård. Dir: When You Are Lärare.
Tel: +46762156225

Mikael Ersson. Dir: Mensmonster & Spindeln.
Tel: +46768104379

Catta Neuding. Dir: Psykomania
Tel: +46707702308

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