Like Me

Like Me is our first feature film and an American-Swedish co-production produced by Hollywood producer Gudrun Giddings. The film takes place in Stockholm and is written and directed by Hans Montelius.

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What would you do for a hundred million "likes"?

Like Me is the story about Mark, played by Lukas Loughran, who goes to Sweden to direct a movie, but instead, he gets caught up in video blogging and eventually sacrifices everything to satisfy his online fans.

In this film we have been guided by a very simple principle: everything, from the acting to the cinematography, should be completely real.

We do not content ourselves with the life we have in ourselves and in our own being; we desire to live an imaginary life in the mind of others, and for this purpose we endeavour to shine. We labour unceasingly to adorn and preserve this imaginary existence and neglect the real.

- Blaise Pascal, 1660.


Screen Daily: Like Me wraps in Sweden


Cast and Crew

Mark: Lukas Loughran

Anna: Maija Waris

Colin: Kola Krauze

Rose: Ingela Lundh

Niklas: Marcus Ovnell

Jonas: Mikael Forsberg

Katarina: Åsa Karlin

Viktoria: Rebecka Nyberg

Gunnar: Jonas Larsson

Johanna: Sanna Cederström

Emelie: Madeleine Borg

Anders: Conny Andersson


Director and screenwriter: Hans Montelius

Producer: Gudrun Giddings

Line Producer: Johan Ågren

Cinematographer: Mats Ardström

Associate Producer: Pia Steen

Editor: Andy Trecki

First Assistant Director: Fredrik Lehmann

Art Director: Josefin Sundberg

Assistant Art Director: Johanna Hietala

Second Assistant Director: Adam Troy

First Assistant Camera - Second unit: Bella Gavelin

First Assistant Camera: Jonas Linde

Second Assistant Camera: Linnea Kilås

Gaffer: Anders Dahl

Best Boy - Second unit: David Boström

Best Boy: Sofie Annersved

Second Assistant Camera: Marcus Möller

Best Boy: Tobias Nirs

Wardrobe: Josefina Ehlin

Costume Designer: Anna-Maria Ivstedt

Assistant Editor: Tobias Nirs

Assistant Editor: Rebecka Nyberg

Makeup Artist: Josefina Kolovou

Makeup Artist: Lina Nyberg

Assistant Makeup Artist: Loreta Zieba

Assistant Makeup Artist: Pernilla Sundberg

Boom Operator: Tim Boström

Sound: Teodor Kourkoulis Sydbom

Transportation: Fredrik Johansson

Visual Effects Supervisor: Nicola Smanio

Production Assistant: Madelene Gunnarsson

Script Supervisor: Are Rabben Teigen

Script Supervisor: Sofia Björklund

Caterer: Sara Larsson