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How to make a connection with the audience

Av Hans Montelius | Aug 11, 2010

Why do some films work and others don’t? How come you can tell after the first ten minutes if a film is going to suck or not?

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How we made The Man with all the Marbles

Av Hans Montelius | Jul 27, 2010

The Man with all the Marbles has, as of this posting, screened at over 40 film festival, won many awards. It has screened in Times Square and at the Writer’s Guild Theater in Los Angeles before the Swedish Oscar submission. It was a joy to write and make this film. It’s about the relationship between two brothers,…

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Alexandra Chalupa receives two Best Actress Awards

Av Hans Montelius | Jul 15, 2010

Here is the ketchup effect in action again. Alexandra Chalupa has within a week or so received two awards for best actress in our film An Affair with Dolls. First, it was the Nickel Independent Film Festival in Canada which honored her with Best Female Performance. And then a few days later San Antonio Film…

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